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Software development
Software development

When your activity is specific and the standard software solutions cannot fulfill your requirements you need specially developed for you software. Being our client you will receive exactly the needed software.

We are elaborating on contemporary software products for business management on the bases of the technology "Client / Server" and "Internet / Intranet" solutions conforming to the leading world standards in the field of information technologies.

Our objective is to create fast and reliable applications for short terms, satisfying the needs and the requirements of the clients. We achieve this through long-term experience and team work in the process of designing, developing and testing the software.

Our efforts are oriented towards the creation of qualitative solutions which can be used easily and intuitively by experts in different spheres and not only by IT specialists. The technologies, being implemented by us for the development of software secure flexibility and possibilities for for future development of the applications.

Our clients may rely on both standardized and on individually developed solutions for the fulfillment of their requirements.

Process Methodology
Ensuring the right solution for your needs. Helping you make the most of your technology investment. That's what Software Solutions Process Methodology, designed for solution-based projects, provides. This process is designed as an ongoing cycle, to ensure that each project fits into your long-term business objectives. Our Process Methodology has 6 phases:

All projects need to consider key business issues and goals in order to map out the right strategy. To accomplish this, meetings and discussions with key company stakeholders are held. In addition, a company's preparedness for technological change needs to be discussed well in advance of implementation.

Once project goals are set, the scope well-defined and a schedule determined, the design phase begins. Solutions are chosen that meet project goals, and a considerable amount of creativity is employed at this stage. Further questions may be raised. The end result should be an efficient project design that ensures all parameters are considered.

Timely procurement of software, hardware and peripherals is essential in order to meet the project schedule. Software Solutions preferential relationship with our vendors, coupled with our efficient delivery processes, helps ensure products are on schedule for your company, at the right time.

Integration of new applications and systems requires consideration of both human and technical factors in your organization. Software Solutions extensive hands-on experience delivers an efficient and smooth integration process. Staging and testing helps ensure a smooth launch, reducing impact on business operations.

Change always involves questions. At Software Solutions, our dedicated team makes sure you have the answers you need, when you need them. Our support contracts are always tailored to fit your requirements, whether solutions support, post-warranty and service, for maximum value and flexibility. Bringing in-depth knowledge and expertise, you can rely on our highly specialized team to complement your in-house skills.

Evaluation is a key component of a successful project, and incorporates two phases: a review of the project, and an analysis of how the project's outcome complements the larger goals of the business. This second phase acts as a lead-in to the planning stage for future projects. Evaluation techniques also enable us to build upon our extensive body of knowledge, and help your business make future strategic decisions.

We develop software solutions in the following areas
  • Warehouse software
  • Financial and accounting software
  • Information systems
  • Trading systems
  • ERP systems
  • CRM systems
  • HRM systems


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