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Web based warehouse and information system of managing the warehouse economy, which gives the possibility of following the goods, suppliers, clients, incomes, expenditures, and funds in an unlimited number of warehouses. The system works through a browser, which gives the possibility to work either in a local network or as a distant work with it through Internet by the relevant certificates of safety. It is suitable when working with remote sites (shops), which are not connected to a local network.

  • Income / expenditure of goods and services in various currencies;
  • Initial supply of goods, suppliers, clients and fund by a certain date;
  • Discounts;
  • Funds in various currencies;
  • Transferring of among warehouses;
  • Shops supplying;
  • Giving back goods to suppliers;
  • Exchange of goods by clients and suppliers;
  • Claims to goods to suppliers;
  • Rejection of goods;
  • Consignment;
  • Keeping delivery price, retail price and wholesale price;
  • Keeping an unlimited number of currencies;
  • Keeping retail sale and wholesale shops;
  • Stock-taking of goods in the warehouses according to different criteria;
  • Check up according to different criteria: Availability; Income; Expenditure; Flow of goods; The most sold goods, The most solvent clients, Suppliers, Goods of no flow, Change of prices etc.;
  • Printing of all warehouse and cash documents;
  • Different levels of access to the system for the different consumers;
  • Journal of the actions, executed by each of the consumers within the system;

  • Works on different platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac);
  • Additional software shall be not installed on the working stations – only a web-browser is required;
  • It is not required a high-speed connection while working with the system through Internet;
  • It is possible to work with it either in a local consumer’s network (Intranet), or through Internet by coding the data flow, due to the relevant safety levels;
  • The system works in a real time, i.e. if it is to work on a remote places of work (shops), it is not required to transfer the information among the shops and the central server by a magnet bearer, but it directly reflects on the central server;
  • Lower expenditure – it is not required to buy an expensive server OS and expensive database;
  • Cheaper server – it is not required to buy expensive servers for the application;
  • Rate – the whole information is processed on the server and the data flow is only a way of visualization of the clients’ machines;


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